Visual Arts programs are open to visual artists across all mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture and performance art.

Our community programs work with local artists to create engaging and empowering workshops for the communities we serve ranging from painting, sculpting and print making, to fine art crafts such as ceramics, woodworking, and origami, to graphic design, bronze casting and photography.

Our visual artists facilitate workshops custom designed to fit the populations they serve. Some workshops focus on lifelong learning and building skills in art making, providing fun and engaging projects for seniors and children alike. Other communities request art prompts devised to support specific social, or emotional goals for therapeutic purposes.  These collaborative projects often have a medicinal effect on those dealing with trauma, social and emotional stress, helping allievate anxiety and depression, and the bordeom that can accompany various forms of physical and social isolation.
Over the years, we’ve found that visual arts work best when the artist brings a sense of enthusiasm and creativity to the population we’re serving. We invite artists to envision projects that harness their own passions and skill sets to build warm and uplifting creative environments. When we are able to offer our creativity in a way that is fluid, we meet our community where they’re at and sometimes transform just by showing up.

The Art of Elysium’s Art Kit program provides age appropriate, quality creative materials that we can leave behind to keep the art making going when we walk out the door.

Visual Arts Academic

& Community Arts Programming:

Our ongoing community arts programs serve 3,000-5,000 individuals each year and include:

  • Art Classes & Mentoring Workshops: We provide art classes and skill building workshops to all

  • communities served, including art workshops with our international partners. In 2018, we partnered with The Sumbandila Scholarship Trust in South Africa to provide art classes and mentoring.

  • Art Therapy Workshops: In collaboration with our community partners, we develop arts based projects to address specific social, emotional, or physical issues.

  • Photography Workshops: Kids Clicking Kids is a photography program started by 2018’s Visionary, Michael Mueller. Started in 2007, Canon donated cameras to hospitalized, medically fragile youth to document themselves and each other.

  • Public Art Projects. Through our VIEW Program, we create public art installations in communities of need.

  • Self-Esteem Support Groups: Girl Talk, Yo Lo Tengo, Creative Options, Teen Power, Northpoint: Visual Art programs offered in high schools for youth dealing with social, emotional and health issues.