Art of Elysium is dedicated to enriching the lives of the artists and hospital youth. We believe that there is a powerful and mutual exchange of hope and appreciation that occurs when artists share their time and talent with children battling serious medical conditions.



The Art of Elysium provides a wide range of fine and performing arts workshops and activities designed to:

  • Help children cope with the difficult emotional challenges of illness and hospitalization
  • Promote opportunities for growth and development
  • Encourage socialization
  • Provide exposure to various artistic skills and disciplines

The Art of Elysium’s programs for hospitalized youth include Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Music, Media/Theatre Arts and Arts-Based Self-Esteem Programs.

For more information about volunteering in our hospital programs, please contact Leslie Culp, Program Director, Los Angeles at lculp@theartofelysium.org or Brian Ogle, Program Manager, New York at bogle@theartofelysium.org