Art of Elysium is dedicated to enriching the lives of the artists and hospital youth. We believe that there is a powerful and mutual exchange of hope and appreciation that occurs when artists share their time and talent with children battling serious medical conditions.


The Art of Elysium provides a wide range of fine and performing arts workshops and activities designed to:

  • Help children cope with the difficult emotional challenges of illness and hospitalization
  • Promote opportunities for growth and development
  • Encourage socialization
  • Provide exposure to various artistic skills and disciplines

The Art of Elysium’s programs for hospitalized youth include Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Music, Media/Theatre Arts and Arts-Based Self-Esteem Programs.

For more information about volunteering in our hospital programs, please contact Leslie Culp, Program Director, Los Angeles at lculp@theartofelysium.org or Brian Ogle, Program Manager, New York at bogle@theartofelysium.org




Recruits young visionary fashion designers to help medically disabled youth make their own creative forays into the world of high fashion, through colorful hospital workshops and bedside projects. In return, our annual L’Wren Scott Amber Award recognizes those talented young designers by underwriting and showcasing their latest fashion collections.


Supports theatre and media production on every level. Our Tahnee Award serves as an amazing career springboard for one young professional filmmaker each year: We fully produce and market their first feature-length film. Equally important, our volunteer actors, writers, and media artists help ill youth make their own original theatre and film productions, creating magical new worlds that extend beyond the barriers of illness.


Youth faced with acute or chronic illnesses often contend with a range of emotional challenges. Lengthy hospitalizations can lead to feelings of social isolation, while pain or medically-related limitations can cause severe anxiety, depression and poor self-esteem. To help pediatric patients cope with the many psychosocial challenges that can accompany illness or chronic medical conditions, The Art of Elysium offers a special selection of arts-based support programs and resources. These programs are focused on providing youth with positive psychosocial skills to cope with chronic illnesses or physical disfigurements that set them apart from their peers.

Where contemporary art intersects with philanthropy. Our talented volunteer artists bring hospitalize youth opportunities to express the selves through painting, drawing, photography and more. In turn, artists are eligible to apply for a Jacques Award, which provides them with the resources and PR support they need to produce major visual arts exhibits and public art initiatives.


Focuses on music as a powerful force for human connection. Our program’s David Award brings high-level performance and promotional services to emerging musicians, helping them build audiences and sell their original music. By bringing their music to the bedsides of medically fragile children, the Sessions volunteer musicians also have a chance to connect on a personal level and find new meaning in the power of their songs.