Music and Movement programs are open to singers, songwriters, classical musicians, duos, trios, full bands, all things music and dance related, including martial arts and yoga.

Our community programs work with local artists to create engaging and empowering workshops for the communities we serve, ranging from live concerts, to piano lessons, to boxing and martial arts sessions, to collaborative songwriting.

For many of those we serve, connecting to their physical bodies presents unique challenges. Over the years, we’ve found our movement programs empower individuals dealing with physical disabilities, the effects of age, or the social hostility and bullying that can happen around physical deformities. Movement programs range from dance and yoga to martial arts and boxing lessons for young men and women in our self-esteem workshops.

Music has the power to transcend physical and emotional boundaries, transport, uplift, and inspire. Over the years, many musicians have been asked to work with children and adults at the end of their lives, writing lyrics, composing songs, and providing comfort as individuals face the fear and pain that can come at the end. These experiences have had life changing and lasting effects on artist volunteers and families of the love ones alike. Our programming ranges from intimate bedside performances to live concerts on skid row. 

Our dedicated program staff, helps provide the collaborators and materials to actualize creative visions. We invite you to pitch your own ideas.


Music & Movement Academic &

Community Arts Programming

Our current community programming serves 11,000-13,000 individuals each year and includes:

  • Movement Programs: Movement classes are offered to all communities served. Classes include dance, yoga, martial arts and meditation.

  • Performance: Volunteer musicians perform for our community partners. Performances range from intimate bedside acoustic songs for the medically fragile to live concerts.

  • Songwriting/Music Production Workshops: Producers, Singers and Songwriters bring portable production gear to write and record a song with the community.

  • Songwriting/Mental Health Workshops: In these workshops, we learn to cope with negativi- ty, by choosing a better thought. We use songwriting to express positive coping strategies and thoughts.

  • Self-Esteem Support Groups: Girl Talk, Yo Lo Tengo, Creative Options, Teen Power, Northpoint: Movement programs include martial arts for self-defense, yoga and meditation. Music programs include drum circles and live performances.