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With the purchase of your $100,000 table (seats 10), your donation will support the expenses of one program of your choice (see additional info).

Those expenses include: program supplies, organizational costs and administration and management of the programs including program director salaries and all overhead. The program director will facilitate any workshops you want to attend in the annual year.

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With the purchase of your $100,000 table, your donation will support the expenses of one program of your choice:


Fashion & Design Community Programming | Director: Amy Belknap

We partner local designers with individuals in communities of need to think creatively through the multifaceted design process, and through this creative partnership, develop new artistic skills, hone their visual sensibility and ignite the imagination. 

FASHION & DESIGN FACT: Creative fashion and design projects at The Israel Levin Senior Center in Venice Beach have helped senior individuals alleviate boredom while keeping their body and minds busy, helping with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and concentration. The artists workshop with the seniors has allowed an open forum about concerns and discussions about life. Serves 5,000-7,500 individuals each year

Music & Movement Community Programming | Director: Andrée Bell

Volunteer musicians connect on a personal level with individuals in communities of need while finding new meaning in the power of their songs, and volunteer dancers bring a new dimension to movement by providing alternate ways to teach and engage individuals regardless of their physical abilities.

MUSIC & MOVEMENT FACT: At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a young girl facing end of life issues was unable to articulate with her loved ones how she felt about her circumstances. One of our volunteer musicians was called in and working together, she was able to write a song that told her story. 

Serves 5,000-7,500 individuals each year

Theater & Film Community Programming | Director: Shannon Going

Our volunteer actors, writers and media artists help the communities we serve make their own original theater and film productions, creating magical new worlds that extend beyond barriers and limitations. 

THEATER & FILM FACT: The Theatre and Film Program has helped the students at Northpoint School/Child and Family Guidance Center gain confidence and learn how to communicate more effectively. After completing The Art of Elysium art therapy programs at this Special Education school, three students are able to be dual enrolled back into public school, the most they have ever had at one time.   

Serves 5,000-7,500 individuals each year

Visual Arts Community Programming | Director: Krista Machovina

Where contemporary art intersects with philanthropy- both emerging and established volunteer artists share their passion for creating with individuals of need. 

VISUAL ARTS FACT: Community partner Union Rescue Mission has observed that the displaced women who have participated in The Art of Elysium’s creative arts programs have experienced greater ease in daily life, in job applications and in stress management. 

Serves 5,000-7,500 individuals each year


Academic Programming | Director: Suzie Philippot

We enable emerging artists from secondary through college levels in programs that creatively connect emerging with established talent, while supporting the production of the emerging artists’ first full-length projects. The profit of these projects in turn support our community arts programs and emerging artist endowment. 

ACADEMIC PROGRAM FACT: The films created in our academic programs have been official selections and award winners in over 25 international festivals and have enabled over 2,100 emerging artists and counting.

Artist Relations Programming | Director: Kathleen Tenefrancia

As part of our full circle mission as an artist organization, throughout our 20 years we have sustained and expanded meaningful exchange through art and creativity between artists, brands, sponsors and community arts programs.

ARTIST RELATIONS PROGRAM FACTS: since its start in 1997, The Art of Elysium has held a number of showcases each year for our emerging volunteer artists, including Katy Perry, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and John Mayer.

Content Creation, All Programs | Director: Jorge Suarez

Working with emerging talent, we develop and create original content for our philanthropic streaming platform EBStudios.org, as well as covering our community arts programs in features that showcase the work of our volunteers and participants. 

CONTENT CREATION FACT: Our Content Creation program created ten unique interpretations of Stevie Wonder’s song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours),” directed by emerging filmmakers and starring talented supporters of The Art of Elysium like David Arquette, John Legend, Matt Bomer, Miranda Cosgrove and Tony Hawk. 

Elysium Art Salons Program | Director: Tash Sakkas

The Elysium Art Salons offer a unique backdrop for artists, influencers, and brands to come together in an immersive experience where art intersects with philanthropy. These intimate gatherings serve as a platform to showcase artists across different verticals and bring together a curated and diverse guest list.

ELYSIUM ART SALONS FACT: In addition to our traditional Elysium Art Salon programming, the Elysium Art Salons also hosts Little Pieces of Heaven, The Art of Elysium’s annual community arts showcase as well as in-house workshops. Serves 1,500 individuals a year. 

Filmmaking Program | Director: Iris Torres

Incubates, develops and produces the projects of emerging talent supported through our artist endowment. Emerging filmmakers are selected from our volunteering population, as part of our full circle approach, and work to connect new talent with established professionals in their field in meaningful storytelling.

FILMMAKING PROGRAM FACT: Elysium Bandini Studios Filmmaking Program film Don’t Come Back From the Moon was the winner of Special Mention for Directing Award at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival. 

Film Festival Program | Director: Erica Ortiz

Our Festival Program facilitates the celebration and showcasing of emerging talent in film festivals around the world. 

FILM FESTIVAL PROGRAM FACT: The Art of Elysium’s Genesis Festival, inaugurated in 2009 will soon expand to include film, making it the first major festival to unite art, fashion film and music created by emerging talent.