Fashion & Design


Our Fashion and Design programs are open to all artists in fashion, costume, jewelry and accessory design, fashion photographers, models, stylists, and those in hair, makeup and nail design.

Our community programs work with local artists to create engaging and empowering workshops for the communities we serve. We currently run twelve Fashion and Design community programs per week ranging from sewing classes, to jewelry design, face-painting and self-esteem focused “makeovers.”

Many of the communities we serve suffer from social and emotional isolation. Youth faced with acute or chronic illnesses, seniors contending with loneliness, cognitive decline and boredom, homeless adults and children vilified, judged and relegated to the margins of our society. In a society that hinges so much on the way we look and present ourselves, bringing the power of fashion and design to those who feel outside, unseen or overlooked, can be a truly transformative experience for both the artist and individual in need.

We offer creative programming designed to teach and uplift the communities we serve, but we also offer an opportunity for basic human connection and concern.

The Art of Elysium’s fashion and design community engagement also includes academic after school programming. From pattern making to accessory design, we teach the design process from start to finish, culminating in an end of semester runway show with student made designs, models and judges. We aspire to take this programming to high schools around the country in 2019 and beyond.



Fashion & Design Academic Programs

  • Collection design, from pattern to runway.

  • In 2019 and beyond we hope to expand the reach of our design curriculum for high schools nationwide.



Our current community programming serves 5,000-7,500 individuals each year and includes:

  • Fashion and Design After School Programs: In 2018, Our Mendez High School Partnership taught everything from pattern making to accessory design, culminating in an end of semester runway show with student made designs, models and judges. Think After School Programming meets Project Runway. The kids involved not only learned the skills necessary to create within this field, but also key social and emotional skills necessary for collaboration and creation of a project from start to finish.
  • Senior Workshops: Fashion and design projects at Senior Centers alleviate boredom by engaging sometimes isolated individuals with projects that help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and concentration. These have ranged from craft design classes to salon days.

  • Homeless Workshop: Care and esteem programs connect volunteers with marginalized adults, providing salon services, hair-cuts, styling and photographs for resumes.

  • Self-Esteem Support Groups: Girl Talk, Yo Lo Tengo, Creative Options, Teen Power, Northpoint.